Improve your grad day video. 
Improve your marketing.

On a flexible budget that meets your needs.

Live Streaming

  • Present the live ceremony in the proper way it deserves
  • Allow families and friends to share this moment that they prefer not  to miss
  • Celebrate together with everyone who might care – current and future students, teachers, and staff members

Our Service


single camera or multi-camera (up to 6) capacity for live streaming of your desired quality


our professional live video switching creates constant interests with the most dynamic video footage


our stream test protocol guarantees a high quality streaming experience


the professional equipment makes the live audio crisp

Event Coverage

  • The ceremony will become not only the personal memory but the history of the school
  • Better polished footage that tells a memorable story
  • Professional post-production turns the full-length event into shareable short stories: speeches, walking the stage and tossing the caps
  • This flash stick will be the best gift to all the graduates

Our Service

Document the most significant moments from various angles

Capture the impression and emotion of this unique day

Revive the most elaborate event with the best AV quality - our professional videography and post-production team are ready

Deliver the video in your preferred format online or a flash drive gift

Edit the video in your preferred way - full-length documentary and video highlights are both available


  • Telling the story in an elaborate way can effectively achieve a sense of belonging and keep your big family connected
  • Communicate the school’s mission and ideals to the public both online and offline
  • Maximizing online exposure will lead to recruitment result

Our Service

Poetic scriptwriting

Engaging soundtrack and voiceover

Well-planned dynamic footage

Raise your brand profile in an elegant way

Music video could be an appealing option that we can offer


  • People trust people. Testimonials from graduates, teachers, parents and alumni are the best marketing material that a school could expect
  • The graduation ceremony is the best occasion to collect people’s words

Our Service

10 years experience

of interviewing various group of attendees in graduation ceremonies

Our diverse team can speak 10 languages

collect all the voices that you value

Our professionals

will capture the natural expressions with the best AV quality

Success Stories

  • A school is a brand. And students’ success stories make it real
  • Featuring the personal journey of outstanding students among the graduates is an excellent way to fulfill the school’s role as a mentor
  • Real-world case studies can easily convince future students
  • Screening these impressive videos will enhance the celebratory mood of the graduation ceremony

Our Service

Collect stories from students

and tell them in the most effective narrative

Capture the significant moments of the students’ personal journey:

milestones, graduation and other major events

Tailor the video style

to the market trend and recruitment strategy

Virtual Graduation

  • Due to COVID-19, graduation ceremonies have to be transformed. We are the experts of making a virtual ceremony memorable
  • The virtual graduation ceremony means greater exposure, and only the highest quality virtual event could live up to the students’ and their parents’ expectations
  • According to your graduation ceremony program, our fine camera work and editing will make it a real experience
  • Only the professional production can contribute to your recruitment efforts

Our Service

Film addresses and speeches with the best AV quality

Combine photos, videos, university offers with animations and environmental sounds

Export and distribute full-length video onto major online channels, test and schedule live streaming

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Non-video Services

Professional photography in studio or on location supporting print media and websites

Event venue decoration & event lighting – from simple backdrops to complete environments

Event audio-visual services - playback screening to audiences of 10 to 1000

Web design, production and hosting

Print design for business reports, brochures and flyers

Creative writing and translation services